Will It Float?

When last we left our intrepid wanderer, he had managed to corner himself in a ridiculously tight deadline. Would he escape? Would he ever be seen again? More importantly, why did he pick today to send Robin for coffee and donuts? Stupid Batman…

Well, the deadline has come and gone, and all (so far) is well. Full proposal submitted, hopefully a confirmation from the Bates County Museum soon to follow. And then, sit back and wait for the shoe to drop. In the meantime, socks it is…


So, back to my travels…

If you’re interested, a link to my route on my way north: http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Woodway,+TX&daddr=Denton,+TX+to:Whitesboro,+TX+to:Ada,+OK+to:Henryetta,+OK+to:Caney,+KS+to:Yates+Center,+KS+to:Kincaid,+KS+to:Mound+City,+KS+to:LaCygne,+KS+to:Amsterdam,+MO&hl=en&sll=37.020098,-95.899658&sspn=3.784605,8.453979&geocode=FVC-4AEd8sQ0-ik_9VsoZIZPhjEkbyIiFltTVg%3BFXnR-gEd9N01-inRsYjAoExMhjEb-xRIy3REcg%3BFZqNAQIdPFE5-ilj6PTYS_BMhjEJqJLvayE6RQ%3BFQOeEgIdN848-ilNOl9lfmqzhzHGcchQ0Ju-tQ%3BFdLEHAIdiW5H-ilbfjEwFzi0hzHmIELcrWl9-Q%3BFQXANAId5iRI-iklUt6zAGW3hzFmQL9mLAhnnA%3BFTsFQgIdujlL-ikbjfmwLQC5hzGdHkqDreX0DA%3BFWQeRQIdThJU-ilHkACUnJu4hzGAqwg1LY0NBw%3BFVcDRgIde0JZ-imtonWLT2nHhzGg50yGt2VMRg%3BFcUsSQIdfA5a-ilv6ryQqUfHhzFRw4CNgfdt7A%3BFa4rSQIdPq9c-inJdFAWHDvHhzGtIu_0_IOaDA&mra=ls&t=m&z=7


There’s something about old farmhouses that warms my heart. Solid and square, two-story boxes with a door and windows, the only asymmetry the result of the ubiquitous front porch jutting from the house’s facade, roofed, double-pillared, inviting guests to sit and take a load off, perhaps to sip some cool beverage or other while chatting and watching the sun sink below the horizon on a fresh, spring day, or the burnished leaves drift lazily to the ground with the crisp autumn breeze. Through the screen door, left open for hospitality’s sake, the aroma of dinner in preparation and the concomitant kitchen chatter may float into awareness, bearing with them the ghosts of thousands of foregone meals and conversations that go hand in hand with a well-storied home. These houses promise secrets of small proportions, but of tremendous import to one seeking the remnants of the past as expressed in the everyday lives of the present. Do I romanticize? Definitely. Doesn’t mean it’s not true…


Someone asked me: What do you do to pass the time when you’re in the car for that long? My answer: That’s why cars have windows (of course, besides the whole matter of “not running into things”). Who needs music or books on tape when one has all the lyrics, all the plot- and storylines, one needs rolled up in the towns, homes, and people flashing past outside. There is more art in a single hand-painted store window, more drama–comedy, tragedy, farce, romance–in the tilt of a weathervane or the sag of a barn roof, than is found in hundreds of pages of novel-writing and hours of minutes of recording time (or rather, those pages and minutes could not exist, and would not make sense, without that spinning rooster or that roofline).


Anyone who says there is nothing interesting or attractive about Kansas has either spent too much or too little time there. Familiarity breeds contempt, they say, and lack of the same fosters ignorance. The thing about Kansas is that it is unpredictable. Many times I’ve been headed down a long, flat stretch of highway, convinced that’s all I will see, when a sudden cleft in the ground has plunged me several yards down, through a briefly winding maze, into a surprise ravine or valley, just enough difference to pleasantly punctuate the journey. Or, to my infinite delight, I will happen upon some random piece of fascinating architecture, a church steeple or an old windmill peeking through a canopy of trees in the middle of an otherwise bare landscape. The trick is to let the landscape happen to you, instead of forcing your own preferences upon it. Only then can beauty be appreciated for what it is, and not overshadowed by what we think it should be…


This just in…

Initial pitch has gone well. Museum endorsement is in. On with the show…

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