The Road

First breath, first step
Toward first bend beckoning.
Pilgrim is as pilgrim does:
One path leads to another path
Beyond. And on.

Baited breath, next breath breathed
As fleeting scenes fly by in
Simple succession. A new world
Second by second.
Substance is what I seek–
Form matters not when words are pictures
Not sounds.

Truth is beauty; beauty, truth:
Thought, once grasped, remaking age into youth, and youth
A doorway to unlived life.

The sun
A metronome, heartbeat tempo marked
By shadow and light, eyes open though
Closed. Each moment a day, each year but
A moment.

Life is death to come;
Death is life but gone. And between
Lies everything and nothing
At all. To be in the moment is to be
In all moments previous and past, it is to be
Same and other, singular and plural,
Awake, asleep, dreaming and
Remembering the dream.

So dream and wake, and dream
Again! ‘Til death come round and wake you
Once for all, and place your wandering feet
Upon the spot they started from.

And on…