Heaven on Earth

Slumbering farm.
Old, rickety barn harboring
Comatose cows. Freshly plowed, the smell of dirt
Almost hurts when it hits the nostrils.
Golden field at full yield: wheat, corn,
Barley, so high, so hardy, and yet so
Fragile; so prone to death, yet vital as
Breath is to life. First light; cock crowing,
Shattering silence. Everything
Growing, swaying in stillness. And
Up in the farmhouse, the rustle of bedclothes and
Clang of the skillet announce the tidings:
A new day! Let us
Fill it.



What’s in a sunrise?
Fireflies and
Second tries? Another chance
To dance? Romance illuminated; faces
Rejuvenated, intoxicated with
Daylight spirits decanted by dawn. No longer
A pawn of darkness and death, new breath invades
The breast. Done with rest; time to
Play, to welcome the day with
Cartwheels and backflips, to kiss away the night
With lips of golden fire, funeral pyre
Of all that is past. Newness awaits.