Corinna Keefe

As the second installment of the “Big List,” I want to introduce you to my new favorite blogger: Corrina Keefe. If you’re interested (and trust me, you SHOULD be interested), check out her latest post, “A poetic reason to write more,” here.

Nothing gets my blood (and my brain) pumping faster than words, well-used words, words that are playful, loving, cleverly arranged. This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of stumbling across exactly that sort of thing. Writing that is so complex and full of meaning, revealed and hidden, that you want to read it over and over again to ensure complete comprehension, and that even then leaves a sneaking suspicion that one more reading might uncover just a bit more meaning. Words carefully selected, like eggs: cautiously, because fragile, judiciously, because (as everyone knows about eggs, and few understand about words) the one that’s rotten spoils the dozen. Words assembled with such skill that I doubt the adequacy of my own to do them justice.

I’ve offered a link to one specific post on this marvelous blog, but my inclusion of this talented writer in my list is in recognition of the blog in general. Read it all. It’ll be worth it.

And to the blogger in question: Thanks for giving my morning a nice sort of buzz. I look forward to reading the rest of your work myself, and to the things you have yet to write.

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