Teach Me…

To open myself.
Floodgates, passions, heretofore
Abolished, unacknowledged, unaccepted:
Untested in all but form. What a storm of
Withering proportions, this distortion of normality
Burdened by formality and doubt.

To see myself.
Unblinkered view of everything
(I’m told)
That matters. This pattern of
Arrhythmia perpetrating chaos; unsteady
Chain of change that locks fast the soul.

To know myself.
In the face of faceless masses wielding
Broken mirrors full of nameless terror ready to
Destroy. Toy of fate, victim of pomp and
Circumstance, informed and uninformative–
How normative am I?

To name my self.
Something unpronounceable,
Impossible yet inescapable. Indestructible;
Ineluctable. Defined and indefinable,
Unbelievable, undeniable. Irreducibly

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