Autobiography of a Toad

(An epiphany of me)

Born to roam, never
Always quite at home;
Half a toad, half a turtle–
Life’s a joy; life’s a hurdle
To be cleared and caught

Talk is cheap, thought’s
Expensive. Circle wide; view extensive.
Present tense, future perfect and
Imperfect: never not anticipating.
Reborn; restructured;


To say, not much; to
Do, much more: broken window defeats
Closed door. And on and on, and further
Still, bridges to cross, milk to spill.
Words to spell and rearrange;
Clothes to wear and, then, to change.
Danger is but fear embraced–
What’s a life that is not chased by
Angry ghosts and fleeting sands?

The tortoise, only,
Understands the need for speed as
All goes by, so slow, so fast…

Never stop; it
Cannot last.

5 thoughts on “Autobiography of a Toad

  1. Vance that was awesome. Damn, that sounds so trite. It was, though. I love this part especially:

    “The tortoise, only,
    Understands the need for speed as
    All goes by, so slow, so fast…”

    I’ve always loved turtles. In fact, when I was a kid, when we lived in the desert in California, my very first personal pet was a tortoise. It was huge, especially since I was a wee one. He lived in a big sand box in our back yard.

    I’ve also had aquariums set up through the years for my turtles. They had a good life. 😀 Don’t have any turtles at present, but they have very cool personalities. And, they are personable.

    One more note: When I was in 9th grade, I won the science fair at my Jr. High. Guess what I did my project on? Frogs. I waded in ditches for hours finding all the stages of a frog. They remained alive.

    When I was a kid, still living in California in another location, I had a toad fort. One time, I came in the house, crying, and thought one of my toads had a broken leg. I pleaded with my mother to put a splint on it. She felt sorry for me, and having compassion for me, put a splint on my toad’s leg. That poor toad. lol

    I was never squeamish with bugs and critters, nor did I fear getting warts from frogs, as I’d been led to believe. haha. We had big toads in CA. BIG. Well, I guess they were called bull frogs.

    Toads are totally cool, but then again, I guess you already knew that. *wink*

    1. Now I know why we get along so well. Turtles are my favorite animals. I have this huge turtle figurine collection I’ve been assembling since I was a kid. I had a pet turtle in Argentina named Humbug, and we’ve got a red-eared slider right now named Turtimus Maximus.

      I think my attachment to the creatures has to do with the fact that they carry their houses with them everywhere they go (as juvenile as that sounds; remember, this started as a kid). Since I never really had a particular home for very long, that resonated with me…

      1. Wow, I never thought about it like that before. Perhaps that’s why I was drawn to them since I was a kid. My dad was in the Air Force and we were always moving. Makes perfect sense to me.

        My last two turtles were named Floyd and Myrtle. I know…not very majestic names (they deserve majestic names), but my daughter named them when she was in her teens.

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