Love at First

1382354_10101157285292883_599937496_nThe sparkle blossoms, like a lily,
In her eye: Give her wings, and she could

Heavy sigh,
All a-flutter,
Chronic stutter
Of elation; new sensation, slow inflation of
The chest.
Bullet-proof vest set aside, discarded,
Arms opened wide to thoughts uncharted.
Something’s started…

None is half so beautiful as She who first
The possibility of We.

16 thoughts on “Love at First

      1. There isn’t much a good cuppa won’t solve. I had this cinnamon spice stuff last night (a Tazo thing) that took my head right off my shoulders. Which is a good thing… 🙂

      2. If you love cinnamon tea, I have to offer a suggestion. Harney’s Hot Cinnamon. They have it in black tea and also an herbal version with a rooibos base. Oh my goodness, so good. They don’t add any sweetener, just several types of cinnamon that give it a perfect sweetness. I order the herbal version online and have yet to see someone dislike it. I’ve bought the black tea version at Target. Try it!

        So…that was a heaping teaspoon of tea geekiness.

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