The Beggar

eyes downcast, and
in the mirror,
I approached him–

future, present, past colliding
in that moment of
resurrection and reversal.
All is universal, in the pause between
two heartbeats, when one meets
another, and that other is

oneself. He approached me,
eyes downcast,
and when at last he raised them,
I saw they were my own.

9 thoughts on “The Beggar

      1. A beggar, because this is the one class of people I think we often feel the most free to ignore, or to turn away. “I worked hard for my money, and you obviously don’t work at all, so why should I cough up my hard-earned cash so you can go waste it on…” Whatever. Lots of judgment, little consideration. And those are the precise moments in which we need to be most in tune with what our humanity means, I think.

        For one thing, we have no idea what this person’s situation really is; we just lump him or her into that “deadbeat” category we’ve created for people “like them.” How many times do we stop to consider that, given the slightest alteration in circumstances (a fall in the driveway, an illness we can’t afford, a natural disaster), we could easily be in their shoes, having to approach others knowing in advance what they think of people “like us”?

        So, the beggar, because often the only thing separating me from him is dumb luck and a whole lot of pride…

      2. Ahh, I see. I get it now. I had an experience yesterday which reminds me of this, and which I think I’ll write about soon on my own blog. You’ll see…

        By the way, I just got a second job (besides the freelance work), and with talking to the bf on the phone every night for an hour to two hours, I’ve gotten a little behind… So sorry! Will catch up with all of your amazing recent posts soon!

      3. Lol, it’s working at a clothing store… And I ask myself, “*Why* did I go to college again??” Ugh. But this is just temporary. A way to make money “in the meantime.”

        Thanks so much for your continued friendship, Vance!

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