I’m here for you.
I’ll tell you all things
mostly true. My chest cannot
contain a heart that I would
tear apart and spread aroundOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
the hallowed ground on which your step,
so springy light, marks the passage of
my night.

How I wish our eyes to meet
across some lonely, crowded street.
Palpitations hesitate; as a planet gravitates
toward an object of attraction, so I long for
satisfaction, some poor sign or benefaction
idly tossed in my direction. Upon reflection,
it seems so futile, to love like this,
in words so subtle, so disguised.
These demons must be exorcised.

Curtains left just so, ajar,
the muted noise of homebound cars,
impersonal, anonymous–
like the bond between the two of us–
and you, aware yet innocent
of all I’ve said and what it’s meant.
Lamp turned down, bedclothes, too.
Sleep, love.
I’m here for you.

7 thoughts on “Shadow

    1. Thanks…

      I was a little hesitant to post this one, since it’s a little outside my wheelhouse, style-wise. Wasn’t sure how the folks who follow my stuff would react. Hopefully they don’t all think I’m a serial killer now.

      1. don’t worry about that. Who ever likes your writing will like anything you write because your talented. Serial killer or not lol!!!! 😉

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