Seduce Me

Take a bite:480px-Francesco_Hayez_008
So fluffy light; so sweet to taste.
What a waste of complexity,
Of potential aural ecstasy, to chew on
Words that merely melt, belie the woven
Celtic knot, shot through with heartbeat threads,
Skein of scarlet, dripping red, upon which
Beauty makes its bed.

Pull, and watch the world unravel:
Hear your thoughts dissolve in Babel-mutterings,
Cut the strings and dance your dance. Life is
Chance, and you have missed it;
A lustful mouth, and I have kissed it.

3 thoughts on “Seduce Me

  1. Y-U-M-M-Y!

    Me likes so much!

    When I get back to posting again I’ve got a couple of topics in mind to write about. One is about Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash into Me”. The problem is I tend to lose myself with that song and I’m afraid I’ll be just as bad if I write about it! Seriously, I can listen to that song repeatedly for a couple of hours. I’m also terribly in love with the video. I get so sad when I see the Geishas riding their little trikes because I know the song’s already half over.

    Sex, amazing, awesome, orgasmic, howling sex. Yummy, indeed!

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