Just a Thought


Dear Texas State Legislature:

          Anyone who’s ever been on a college campus during finals week should know that arming students is a bad, bad idea. These people are chronically incapable of looking both ways before crossing the street, and we want to empower them to decide who’s the bad guy–in a room full of thirty people who might all be packing heat? If they’re not mature enough to flush the toilet, they aren’t ready to be a hero.

Your friend,
Potential Target Practice

12 thoughts on “Just a Thought

  1. I kept hearing about this and thinking we weren’t that crazy. Not yet, right? I heard that it had passed while I was in the car with my kids. My daughter asked me what it was about. She couldn’t even believe it. Moses in the textbooks and guns on every street corner…
    This state is wearing me thin.

  2. Wow, how condescending and elitist of you. The same student you complain about drive their cars daily — yet I don’t see any concern about them running down people. The same people cook food, administer medicine, make products, serve food, and a thousand other tasks — where is your concern there?

    The idea that adults who are responsible enough to vote, have abortions, get married, etc are too irresponsible to protect themselves is ludicrous. Especially when you consider that in order to carry on campus a person has to be at least 21 years old – except if active duty military.

    So we should trust them with to do the right thing with knives, gasoline, poisons, etc but not with firearms?

    Bob S.

    1. Actually, I’m quite concerned about being run down by one of the people I’m describing here. They don’t look both ways before before crossing the street in their cars, either…

      The idea that food service, medicine, or any of the other things you mentioned are the same as carrying firearms on campus is an interesting one. To be clear, I don’t want students to be carrying knives, poison, or gasoline IN THE CLASSROOM, either. While those things are not inherently dangerous, it is the context, not the item, that creates the problem for me.

      Are they responsible enough to protect themselves? Maybe so. But the question is this: are they responsible enough to protect themselves responsibly? When it comes to volatile situations like on-campus shootings, I’m not entirely sure anyone is, regardless of their age. I don’t want faculty to carry either, and they’re well past 21 most of the time.

    2. On second thought, though, you may be right. Perhaps my words were overly condescending (although I don’t know about “elitist”; I’m fairly sure I shouldn’t be trusted with a gun, either–in any context). I shall have to revisit this and see if I can’t explain myself in a less questionable manner. Thanks, Bob, for keeping me honest! :0)

      1. Fortunately, Baylor’s a private school, so we’re outside the reach of this particular legislation. Never thought the whole “Baptist university” thing would work in my favor.

        It is, however, the fact that I spend most of my day in a sea of careless pedestrians and non-flushers that makes me so concerned about this stuff…

  3. I started on a post about these ridiculous new firearms rights laws and haven’t gotten back to it. Even in the Wild West people had to check their guns at the sheriff’s office when they rode into town. Sigh…

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