Pasadena, Here I Come!

JISSon, look, we might be in the desert, but we are still civilized
people, and civilized people put up arbitrary boundaries that they
will fight to the death to protect.

Malcolm in the Middle

So, I’m off to Pasadena to participate in the 2015 Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies symposium. And I’m excited. And nervous.

At this point, I’ll be satisfied with not being laughed out of the room…

Anyway, my thanks to those of you who helped me out with my survey back in February. Without your input, this paper would never have happened, at least not in its current form. Your contribution is much appreciated.

For now, I’m hitting the road…

5358746801_4cd8c43918_b…’cause life’s too short not to drive.

Thanks again! And I’ll see you on the flipside! :0)