A Voice Crying in the WordPress


Like many of my fellow human beings,
I must acknowledge that I often feel

blogging helps.
I’m told it “gives me a voice.”

Really, though,
it only makes things worse.

Before The Blog,
if I felt unacknowledged,
it was only by the select few within earshot:
the ones–you know them–
who always tell me how much they’ve missed me,
it’s been such a long time…
even though they have phones, cars, and feet…

as if somehow I were completely beyond their reach

But now,
I feel unacknowledged by complete strangers
How’s that for irony?

The Code


I’m trying to crack the code.

Am I not pretty enough?
Not funny enough?
Not hateful enough?
Where have I gone wrong?

This is not poetry, by the way–
nobody cares–
just centered because…
I felt like it.
Deal with it.

So much to “like”; so little time.

Is it because I don’t sport a cute girl-face on my Gravatar?
Perhaps I don’t ridicule others enough?
Or maybe it’s just me…
Maybe I just think I’ve something to say.

I’d be afraid this might turn you off,
you imaginary 977, you,
except no one’s likely to be turned on
long enough to be turned off.

Maybe, at the end of the day,
it’s that we all want to be heard
but no one really wants to listen.

Perhaps EgoPress would be a better name for this place…

I want to pull a Nixon,
to tell you you won’t have Vance to kick around no more…
but who can stop?
This stuff’s a drug–
it’s killing me but I gotta have it.

Mainline my inadequacy
till I burst a vessel…

Thank God this place has given me
a voice.