Freshly (De)Pressed


Once upon a time,
long ago, in a galaxy far, far away,
I was a simple blogger
going about his business


Typing away in relative obscurity
unaware of the dangers lurking
just around the corner.

And then…

I was Freshly Pressed!!!!!!!!

after sitting on my laurels
after my fifteen
after being inundated with the drive-by praise of random strangers,
I’m a nervous wreck.

‘Cause now,
I’m chasing the dragon…

Welcome to WordPress–
where you are one voice among millions
and the loudest scream barely clears a whisper

where your chances of being noticed
are about as good
as the guy’s who parks cars at the White House are
of inheriting the presidency…
How many would have to go down
for anything to land on us?

Dear WordPress…
dear, dear WordPress…
Thank you for amplifying our sense of
by introducing us to the fleeting nature of fame.

Isn’t it enough to create a space
and then let it be filled
with the variegated voices of valuable people?
We don’t need adulation;
we need registration…and then
freedom to move about our
without the pressure of competition
of proving ourselves to strangers
instead of sharing ourselves with friends

Your voice; my voice:
they all count, whether we’ve been noticed or not.
Is this community?
Then let it be a community
of the few and the caring.

Silence is only golden when you know someone is there.

Here’s an award for you:
The Still, Small Voice Award.
Try that one on for size.

If you’ve spoken, you’ve won.
You are nominated; you are vindicated;
you are recognized

if only by those others of us
who share your cloak of

18 thoughts on “Freshly (De)Pressed

    1. I’d feel better about that if there weren’t a billion comments on it. It’s easy to say that stuff when you’ve got a bunch of folks checking in. Kinda feels patronizing, really. But thanks for the link.

      (He CAN’T be pleased. I know; I know…)

      1. LOL, sorry about that. WP’s Daily Post published an article this past June titled “The Dark Side of Being Freshly Pressed: Handling the Highs and Lows.” They interviewed 3 bloggers who had been FP’s and here’s what one person said:

        “I hope I don’t sound unforgivably ungrateful when I admit there are a few downsides. First are the people who show up with the sole intention of pushing their blog. We all want to be appreciated, but c’mon people — there are ways and there are ways.

        Another downside is that Freshly Pressed is a drug. Once you’ve experienced it, you want more. As quickly as your stats go up, in two days they drop so fast that bloggers have been known to suffer a bad case of the Freshly Pressed bends. Afterwards, everything around the blog looks flat and dull and uninteresting and hey, where’d everybody go? Don’t you want to read this stuff? This stuff is good, too, right?

  1. Long long ago, before the people who read my current blog even knew me, back in the former blog early days I was Pressed and it freaked me out. It was nothing like getting picked up by Reddit though. That was so over the top and way too much attention I left my former blog and went into Secular Wings and turned off the Search Engine crawl. I think that I probably relate to the “nervous wreck” part of it all. So, now I’m wondering what post they Pressed?

    1. Zoe, I can relate to the nervous part in the fact that I was an unbeliever living in a very religiously conservative state, plus it was the first time I had posted a picture of me. So I will say that the sudden exposure, with thousands reading my blog during that period, did make me feel a wee bit exposed. Ironically, that post was about how I had worked very hard to engineer staying small, staying right under the radar, primarily due to religious indoctrination.

      I’m glad you are reblogging some of your older posts. You are such a talented writer—very visual.

      1. I remember that post Victoria. It was a great post! And you sure did get some company. I remember your photo as well. ❤

        For me, my daughter was reading my old blog and was getting weary of it in so many ways. (Aren't you over all that mom? Don't you think it's time to move on?) A friend of hers was also reading. I didn't want to hurt her and I didn't want family to see it, nor the community here that we left when we resigned from our youth ministry and walked out of that church. (It all had to do with severe trauma as you know but I include that information here for those who don't know.) For me it's all been about managing the trauma.

        It's an odd thing to come online and manage trauma. In some way I think no one sees me but of course they do, even when I try to stay underground. But that day I was Pressed I had no idea I could be picked up like that (naive) and naturally it is done without consent, as was the Reddit posting and with my pain both emotional and physical, dealing with all the comments, yuck!

        Thanks Victoria. I have always cherished your support and encouragement.

      2. Zoe, you wrote: “For me it’s all been about managing the trauma.”

        I understand. You know, when I was a Christian I was so used to stuffing my trauma away because I was brainwashed to believe that it was all a part of God’s plan, so murmuring was a big no no. When I started my first blog, it wasn’t personal, mostly research articles associated with my advocacy work. Then in June of 2013, I started my second blog to share more personally. There was something comforting about being lost in a sea of millions of bloggers.

        I wasn’t looking for a big audience, then bam, 3 months after I start the blog I get FP’d. The traffic eventually tapered, which I was happy about, and it all evened out to a pace of activity I can handle. Btw, did you save your FP post?

        You wrote: “Thanks Victoria. I have always cherished your support and encouragement.”

        Ditto, my friend. ❤

    2. It was a post called “Coming Out,” and it’s been a couple of years. If you’re interested, the URL is

      I will say this: had it not been for this post and the attention it got, I probably wouldn’t have met a few people I consider true friends now, so the story’s not all bad. But it does create a certain sense of frustration, trying to repeat the success, and feeling like a failure if you don’t. Not for everyone, evidently; but for some…

      1. Thanks Toad. I will check it out. I didn’t realize it was a few years ago. I though you meant recently.

        Oh yes, I remember that pressure thinking crap, now I’ll have to have each post worthy of Pressing and if it isn’t Pressed does that mean it’s crap? 😆

  2. I have gratitude for being Freshly Pressed and was never depressed about it. I was also awed that so many people took the time out of their busy day to read my post and congratulate me. From that experience I met some amazing people, many who’ve become my close friends. I’m sorry that you see it as a burden. I’ve never felt like I had to prove myself to strangers.

    Maybe you should create the Still Small Voice award — and go around WP reading lots of blogs and offer that award to people you deem worthy. That’s a cool name for an award.

    Maybe you could find your niche here and be content.

    1. Replying here Victoria about the freshly pressed post. I was going through my archives on that blog but though I kind of have an idea I can’t be sure for sure. If I ever remember it or come across it I’ll let you know.

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