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The Dustmobile Diaries

228935_10100144579688033_6458830_nIt’s Winter-fall
Red skies are gleaming – oh –
Sea-gulls are flyin’ over
Swans are floatin’ by
Smoking chimney-tops
Am I dreaming…
Am I dreaming…?

– Queen

Okay, so perhaps I’m jumping the gun a bit with the photo and the song quote. But I can’t help myself: I’m excited.

Those of you who don’t live in Central Texas (or really, those of you who live anywhere where seasons are actually a thing) may not understand my emotion, and this whole post may seem a bit pointless. Bear with me…

Saturday, October 3, 2015–the first day of the latter year on which our thermostat actually dropped by itself!

Yeah, baby!
Winter is on the horizon at last, and all is right with the world!




May your travels be snowy and bright!

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