Right to Remain?

Freedom of speech is easy to
Harder to learn.
The world turns on turn of phrase:
Rhetorical flourish, meaning malnourished,
Pundits ablaze with long-distance courage.
And somewhere inside, where
Sincerity hides, the heart opens wide,
Screaming in silence, and
Breathes its last, its moment
Long past.

The Late Great, or, Feeling Sorry for Myself

Everything went so well
Until I
Turned from the agreed route
And headed out on my own…and then,

The words I shared were once
Admired, and then
All at once
The world grew tired…and I
Was fired.

It is not that I crave
Position; it is not that I fear
Rendition. I will speak, I
Will seek…but this losing streak
Weighs heavy.