Whitman v. Woods


I sing a song of my shelf
and everything upon it: faded photos,
equally faded memories, blurring the lines
between new friends and old enemies.
Somewhere, somehow, maybe then,
maybe now (maybe never), I must
quit myself of this tetherĀ holding me
back, gray against black, black against blue.
Me against you.211215_105067042918278_7462179_n


I sing a song of my shelf, with all its
broken toys, of youth with all its noise and
no sense of silence. Pilot at the ready, hands strong
and steady: life, with all its heady liquor, cannot
strengthen legs of wicker, marching to
a fading ticker. Beat by beat, stanza by stanza,
vignettes tucked away in a moldy credenza: This,
O poet, is your life. Rhyme is wife; rhythm lover;
extra-metrical affair, undercover.


If anyone asks,
I want to go out with the sunrise,
fitting beginning for a fitting end:
one light goes out as another lives
again. And when the dawn, curtains drawn,
shines forth once more, bar the windows,
lock the door. I’m gone to find another floor
to host my dance, to break my trance and show me
a good time. Not on your dime anymore;
just mine. Just fine.


My horizon lies just beyond
The edge of sight, sapphire-blue,
Deep and
True. Shot through with clearest light,
Darkened not by shade of night or
Blink of eye. Wonder not that I walk
Silently, wordlessly, often even aimlessly:
The heart of me flies far away and high above
In search of life, in search of love. I strain to see
What is not there, to share with all this secret fare
That fills my soul and spills without,
A cup half full, emptied free–I am but who
I have to be.


-Inspired by Shift