Flight Risk

I dream of possibility, of grand
Mellifluosity. Of boxes opened
Cautiously and groundhogs’ heads
Revealed, popping up from deep
Within once again, to check the world’s
Still there.

I crave invincibility in the face of all
That’s killing me, this basic inability to
Survive a life intact. To react, never to
Act in earnest, never to learn that greatest
Of lessons: life lessens if you live it
While sleeping.

I picture roads like open doors to
Something more, with countless bends that
Never end, ever demanding a child’s
Understanding of distance, time, travel. A heart,
Though beating, may yet unravel
If static.

I see a horizon out there ahead, receding
Instead of growing any nearer. How much
Clearer could a message be? It’s calling me, it’s
Calling me; I’m free to respond, and still I’m
Despondent and quite perplexed. I’m vexed by
Its promise.

Here I remain: feet of stone. well-gnawed
Bone with little to offer. Ever fainter, ever softer,
In the back of my mind, a voice undefined,
Asking: will this be the day I refuse to just stay,
The day I walk quietly away, and leave
Me behind?


What’s in a sunrise?
Fireflies and
Second tries? Another chance
To dance? Romance illuminated; faces
Rejuvenated, intoxicated with
Daylight spirits decanted by dawn. No longer
A pawn of darkness and death, new breath invades
The breast. Done with rest; time to
Play, to welcome the day with
Cartwheels and backflips, to kiss away the night
With lips of golden fire, funeral pyre
Of all that is past. Newness awaits.