How far we fall to
The summit…

Summoning thoughts
Of bruises prior, the pain of all those
Passing hours, payments made
Against regret. A debt the growth of which
Is staggering; a nagging sense of
Lasting ever longer and longer. Were I
But stronger, I might reach out and
Grasp the edge, flex whatever inner muscle,
Atrophied, huddles dormant deep within; stretch the sinews
Once again; bend the will, tame the spirit.

Above, silhouette
Traced in sunlight, eyes alight
With fire and passion, second sight–
Looking toward the future past. At last
We meet,
Myself and I. Another lunge, another

And then…Surprise!
My face looks back with other eyes;
My fingers on another’s hand.
And there we stand, united, one–
You will not fall; I am not done. We
Climb together (On belay!) beyond the
Laws of physics, beyond the pull
Of isolation. Crazed striations, granite lifelines
Set in stone, a map to somewhere yet
Unknown. Say the word:
You will be heard.

How far we fall to
The summit
And into one another

Bucket List

If your goal in life is neither
To touch or be touched, you’ve a good chance at
Being successful.
How stressful!

If you seek to become number one
In all things, with last words and
And all that…
What a feat.
Take a seat!

The farther you go,
The closer you stay to
Wasting away without saying
A word of good use. I may be obtuse;
You may find me distasteful–
But I’d rather be shunned than think myself
Wasteful of what I’ve been given, a mind, a
Thought-world to live in. Better to die
Having lived than to
Live without dying.

I am trying.