3 Reasons Bernie Sanders is the blackest presidential candidate


(Image from MotherJones.com)

Here’s an interesting opinion from an interesting writer.

Bernie 2016!

coffee and purgatory

I know, it’s difficult to trust an old white man. Even still, sometimes I see Bernie Sanders and unconsciously dream of drop kicking him in the chest for the ghost of Rosa Parks. I get that.

But after I chill for a moment, and reflect on the potential candidates of the 2016 presidential bid, I push past the cognitive dissonance and realize Bernie Sanders is the blackest candidate we have. In rare occasions, we need an old white man to combat society’s villains. Think about it. Obi wan Kenobi, Dumbledore, Abolitionist John Brown, Gandalf. They were all old white men needed to combat their respective forces of evil. Let me iterate a few points going through my head this election cycle about Bernie Sanders.

He rolls with Killer Mike. The hip hop artist, who is currently using his clout to defend rap as free speech on a supreme court level

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