Me arrancaste el alma…

and there, in the palm of my hand,
the bloody trace of
who I am, who I
might have been

…corazón destruido por latir…

the words come like a bolt
from the black,
will not be taken back
when the past strikes it hits like
a gunshot,
memory shrapnel to the back of the head
and leaves you for dead

…latiendo por destruir…

we die every moment
and live every death, a breath’s hesitation
a lifetime’s regret, until forgetfulness
comes and erases the line
between real pain and play
a world swept away in an instant of

…un espejo hecho añicos.

Just a Tip: Tipping, Empathy, and Eating Shit.

Tip your waiter/waitress, people!

Kristopher Bone dot com

In Japan, I’m told, it’s considered insulting to tip your waiter. Apparently, so the story goes, since the waitstaff are paid a real wage, to attempt to pay them more than the price on the menu is both unnecessary and presumptuous.

I don’t necessarily agree with the custom of tipping, to be quite honest. If I weren’t a waiter myself, I can tell you that I wouldn’t be too keen on it. Every other week lately, there’s some new restaurant out in New York or here in Toronto that’s decided to follow the international model and do away with tipping altogether, raising both the wages for their staff and the prices on their menus accordingly. On the one hand, I applaud that. As a restauranteur, concerned with the overall experience of your guests, to do away with the often-uncomfortable and sometimes-mysterious convention of tipping is probably a good idea. Make…

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How Single Payer Healthcare Works and What’s Been Going on in Britain

Read this. Please!

Benjamin Studebaker

Today I’d like to get at some of the deeper intricacies of single payer healthcare systems by telling you a story about what’s going on with Britain’s National Health Service (NHS). If you’re American, this post will shed some light on how Bernie Sanders’ system potentially works. If you’re British, this is where you’ll get my view on the junior doctors’ strike and what the conservatives are trying to do with the NHS.

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An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders Supporters

If you need a little encouragement after Saturday…

Kurt Hackbarth, Escritor y Dramaturgo Writer and Playwright

Dear Friends:

Happy Monday and here’s to a new week. Yes, the Nevada results stung on Saturday. But it’s a testament to how far we’ve come that we are disappointed we didn’t come out on top in a state we were given absolutely no chance of winning a few short weeks ago  – and one whose popular vote Obama lost by 8 points in 2008.

After Nevada, the score stands at 1-1-1 and we are tied with Clinton in the pledged delegate count at 51 each (the superdelegate issue is a whole separate story). That’s 51 each, with a total of 2,032 delegates necessary to win the nomination. There are 47 states to go. Clearly, we are in the very early days of what is the ultimate long game: an American presidential nomination.


Photo: Gage Skidmore

State by state, stitch by stitch, Bernie is weaving a new progressive coalition in…

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Bernie: The Issues

A nice summation, I think…

In Saner Thought

I have heard his opponent say that he is a one issue candidate….I disagree….his foreign policy leaves me a bit dry….but he is spot on when it comes to what this society needs……


I have also heard that Bernie has NO idea how to pay for the proposals that he has offered……in case you would like to know…….


Woot!  Dere It Is!

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Trump wins debate by fatality

If you can make it through this without falling out of your seat, then more power to you. I, however, am on the floor…

The Mud Lake Proboscis

By Reba Colander, Proboscis Political Correspondent

wedgie Trump set the tone for the debate early on, giving Jeb Bush an “atomic wedgie.”

GREENVILLE, SC—After months of bitter debate, divisive campaigning, accusations, and name-calling that would embarrass elementary school children, the most recent Republican debate took a turn for the gruesome, leaving Donald Trump the Republican candidate by default after the aging tycoon brutally murdered his primary opponents.

The debate started like any other. The candidates filed onto stage, smiling and waving amongst scattered applause and boos. The moderator began with a question about the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the candidates weighed in. After that initial exchange, the debate heated up as the candidates threw increasingly vicious personal attacks at each other.

“Donald Trump is a stinky poopy pants!” exclaimed Jeb Bush.

“I’m rubber,” replied Trump, jabbing his finger at the podium, “you’re glue. Bounces off me…and…

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3 Reasons Bernie Sanders is the blackest presidential candidate


(Image from MotherJones.com)

Here’s an interesting opinion from an interesting writer.

Bernie 2016!

coffee and purgatory

I know, it’s difficult to trust an old white man. Even still, sometimes I see Bernie Sanders and unconsciously dream of drop kicking him in the chest for the ghost of Rosa Parks. I get that.

But after I chill for a moment, and reflect on the potential candidates of the 2016 presidential bid, I push past the cognitive dissonance and realize Bernie Sanders is the blackest candidate we have. In rare occasions, we need an old white man to combat society’s villains. Think about it. Obi wan Kenobi, Dumbledore, Abolitionist John Brown, Gandalf. They were all old white men needed to combat their respective forces of evil. Let me iterate a few points going through my head this election cycle about Bernie Sanders.

He rolls with Killer Mike. The hip hop artist, who is currently using his clout to defend rap as free speech on a supreme court level

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