2 thoughts on “Dear Sir…

  1. Dear Toad, I come to you thru Chuq/Lobotero.

    I have yet to explore your extensive site but you remind of my brother who was once PseudoCysAnts. I shall come in and visit when my mind can handle it. My brother’s name, in his younger days was Toad and of course we needed a motorcar to continue the adventure and just like Chuq; I think i will be entertained with your insights and opinions and plain outspokenism. Thank you for being alive.

    My erstwhile brother was a druggie and a Libertarian and I hope for some reflections after your posts that will take me back to where he and I came from. i’m a liberal/social democrat and a lover of 50s to 80s rock music, resistance, and just plain fun.

    My dad in his heyday was a contributor of poems to the Birch papers When he asked where did he go wrong? I told him he spent all his money and left his children poor. Otherwise we might have had a different perspective, however I really don’t believe that.

    So I’ll see you around every once in a while since I’m now following you.

    THANX for a great post. sister dru

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